Fall brings smiles to many faces!

Dog Days of Spring

The dogs aren’t normally allowed into the office, but during the course of a recent spring storm, these two scaredy cats needed comforting. I doubted we’d get any clients visiting in-person, but pictured here are ladies on the lookout.

Let’s dig up some savings!

On a recent farm visit, I found someBUNNY busy digging up delicious spring bulbs. You never know what a day of visiting clients will bring! This time of year might be the busiest for farmers, but it’s also the most important time to review your coverage needs and make sure you are properly protected. To…

Start the Year Off Right!

Shop Local for Dependable Service Baby it’s cold out there! While you’re stuck at home trying to stay warm, take a few minutes to contact my office for a quote. Let me show you that there is no need to sacrifice local service in order to save money on your insurance premiums. I am an…